High Street Dental Care would like to say a big THANK YOU !! to all our patients who helped to raise £200 towards the Bridge2Aid appeal.

Our practice owner, Sotirios has just returned from 2 weeks volunteering in Tanzania, where he and a group of dental volunteers helped to train local clinical officers in providing emergency dental care. Unlike the UK, the locals of Tanzania have limited access to medical and dental care. Bridge2Aid aims to ensure the locals of Tanzania still have access to emergency dental care even when the volunteers have left, to continue on the support of providing a dental service.

In the small village of Kishapu, set up in a small building in the middle of nowhere with basic equipment and facilities, the volunteers taught and assisted the local clinical officers to extract teeth from patients who had been in pain for many years, seeing up to 115 patients per day. After two weeks of intense training the UK dental volunteers have helped the 6 local clinical officers to become competent in extracting teeth and providing emergency dental care.

‘Each and every volunteer with Bridge2Aid helps change the lives of thousands of people. The deprivation I witnessed was heart-breaking and it really puts things into perspective. Many of our patients had been in pain for many months, even years. They were so grateful for what we were doing for them. This one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences in my life and I will certainly do it again in the future.’ Sotirios Giannetopoulos