3D Imaging

3D Imaging

CBCT 3D Scans

We are pleased to announce that in the process of expanding and improving our practice, we are one of the few practices in the area that have installed a brand new CBCT 3D scanner with highest quality 3D imaging capabilities.


  • One of the most advanced scanners available, we have the ability to scan anything from a few teeth to both jaws.
  • With our scans you also receive minimal radiation but receive the maximum possible amount of imaging information.
  • Improved treatment efficiency and reduction in mistakes.
  • High quality images provide the patient with a better understanding of the treatment.
  • Incredibly accurate, detailed images which improve the detection and diagnosis rate of problems.
  • Images can help monitor the efficiency of treatments.

What are 3D Scans used for?

  • Implant planning and placement
  • Reduction of complications
  • Diagnosis and detection of infections/tumours
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Temporomandibular Joint disorder diagnosis and evaluation
  • Complex endodontic cases
  • Periodontal disease

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